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Diverse City Services

Room 207
2nd Floor Wolverley House
18 Digbeth
B5 6BJ

We promise to widen the recruitment pool, to be inclusive of the population as a whole and to provide one to one guidance and
support throughout the recruitment process. We aim to provide a hassle free recruitment and retention service that is geared to
meet your specific needs. We do this by using a varied range of recruitment methods that guarantee the right person for the
right job, if required we provide additional support aimed at promoting best fit.
We provide support with CV’s,
advice and guidance in preparation
for employment, access to up-todate
job vacancies and training in
how to “get that job”. Once in post
on going support via, coaching and
mentoring are available for those
looking for career progression.
Aim to enhance your organisation,
providing a wide range of
development skills that include
training, strategic management,
project management and fund
raising. We work across statutory,
community, voluntary and business
sectors, enhancing what they can
do and how they do it.